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A former nurse turned artist, Kay began drawing with pastel and charcoal as a child. She even found a way to create art with soap!

I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and I now reside between Lafayette, Louisiana and Panama City Beach Florida; specifically the area know as Seabreeze right off of 30A.


Many years ago before becoming a nurse, I was an Art and Architecture major at University of Southwestern Louisiana (USL), now known as University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL). But my love for art began way before then. I began drawing pastel and charcoal drawings and carving wood and, believe it or not, soap as a child. My parents started art lessons for me as early as the first grade, where I learned the basics. My dad’s favorite pastime was to carve soap, as he was from the West Texas Hill country, and “there wasn’t a whole lot to do.” He passed that love for creating on to me, apparently. I won my earliest art competition in the second grade for my version of a Thanksgiving Dinner! I took art as an elective in high school, but I really didn’t begin to paint until college. My husband and I met at USL as Art and Architecture Majors, but both of us went on to pursue other majors and careers – he as an attorney and me as a nurse.


I really began painting in 2001. My primary focus at that time being painting in watercolor, drawing with charcoal and doing pen and ink drawings. As time went on, I experimented with stained glass. I now find myself in transition, interested in watercolor, acrylic, resin, stained glass.  Mixed media being my primary focus and in particular encaustic collage. I am totally inspired by the sea and the peaceful seashore along 30A; as well as places like Rip Van Winkle Gardens on Jefferson Island in Louisiana and Jungle Gardens on Avery Island, in New Iberia, Louisiana. These areas that I love so much are full of sea life and wildlife that for me brings a peaceful state of mind and being that nothing can compare to.


After my family began vacationing in Carillon Beach, Florida, in 2004, we fell in love with 30A and the picturesque surrounding communities as well. We returned year after year, eventually purchasing our home near Panama City Beach, Florida, in a small community known as Seabreeze in 2009. Having recently retired from a 23 year career in nursing, I now split my time between Seabreeze and Lafayette, so you will see a lot of the pieces I do coming from my experiences in and around both places.


My art is my heart so you may see a few paintings where that random person in the painting just so happens to be one of my friends or family. Besides painting, I have done commissioned pieces for businesses and individuals who want a unique logo, art for their office or a special painting that encapsulates their favorite family member.

I am a board member and First Vice President  of the Lafayette Art Association, a member of the Lafayette Art Association Watercolor Guild, the  L’Acadian Art Guild, the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County, and I am one of the Artists of 30A in South Walton, Florida.


My paintings have been featured in several exhibits throughout Louisiana, and Florida. I have been featured in The Destin Log and The Walton Sun for my work.  I also have works that hang in St. Benedict’s Abbey in Still River, Massachusetts and several places along 30A, including Santa Rosa Beach, Seaside, Panama City Beach, and Inlet Beach, Florida.


You may purchase my works online at kayrichoux.com. Or directly through vendors who carry my work.  My works may be found at the Lafayette Art Association and Art Gallery in Lafayette, LA; at Rebecca’s Gallery and Custom Framing in Lafayette, Louisiana; at the Gift Shop at Rip Van Winkle Gardens at Jefferson Island in Louisiana and soon at the Tabasco Gift Shop at Jungle Gardens on Avery Island in New Iberia, Louisiana.  My work may also be found at Sundog Books in Seaside, FL; at Clay Nursery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL; and at Mermaids of 30A at the Hub in Watersound Beach, Florida.  Currently my studio is inside of the Lafayette Art Association in Lafayette, Louisiana. My permanent studio:  BEA YOU STUDIO and GALLERY in Lafayette, Louisiana is projected to be operational by April 1, 2018.  The gallery will have on constant exhibit, my work as well as other artists’ work. Classes and workshops will be available to the public, with a focus on art as therapy.


Artist Statement:


My Paintings are meant to depict vibrancy through color, the possibilities of life yet untapped, childhood, the feeling that anything is possible: a hopeful future.  In it I reflect on the past and acknowledge experiences or individuals who have shaped my path.  Sometimes, I find myself depicting times or characters who have lived in the past or who will live in a future time that has so far only existed in my imagination.  My goal when I create is to connect my art to the viewer through different mediums and textures that I use to bring each piece to life.  I sometimes add to pieces my childhood recollections or create stories from feelings evoked when I experience a place.

Studios in Lafayette, La. & Santa Rosa Beach, Fl, USA

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