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A former nurse turned artist, Kay began drawing with pastel and charcoal as a child. She even found a way to create art with soap!



Let’s start from NOW and work our way back...




I consider myself a mixed media artist creating in encaustic, cold wax, and acrylic mediums and often using collage as an element of my paintings.  I absolutely love to draw and have always hated losing my drawings to the creation of a painting!  Encaustic painting allows me to keep many of the aspects that I love about my drawings, while transforming them with paint and ending up with the awesome textural feel I’ve sought for all these years, not to mention satisfying my love of creating on paper with a graphite pencil in my hand.


In the works...


My permanent art studio/gallery; “Bea You Studio & Gallery” is set to open Summer of 2020 in Lafayette, Louisiana.  The focus will be on creating art that is unique to the individual with classes taught by myself as well as other artists/instructors.  I will have rotating exhibits representing various artists’ works from the United States and abroad.


Bea You Artist’s Retreats to take place at my home in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.



What I want you to experience in my work...


Through the texture, color and elements I use, my hope is that you will escape reality and find, if only for a short time, a place where you wish to be and can be you.



Fun Facts...


After retiring from a 23 year nursing career, following recuperation from a neck and back surgery and an “epiphany” I experienced while viewing local Florida artist Justin Gaffrey’s studio in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, I decided to pursue creating my art full time in 2015. His “Namaste” piece was the catalyst that started me on the path to just be the me that I always wanted to be...an artist. Talking to artists like Justin Lyons and Andy Saczynski gave me the final courage I needed to take risks and start living my art.





I began to create art with stained glass, studying under the tutelage of Dave Hilgenberg of The Glass Haus in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  I learned how to incorporate my drawings into old windows and a fascination with making new art out of old discarded things was forever born.


During this time, I continued painting in acrylic, taking art classes from graphic artist and painter, Aaron Sutton and I went out of the country on a memorable Artist Retreat in Scotland, under the direction of artist, Ivy Newport.


As my love for texture continued to evolve, I began incorporating crushed glass, imbedded objects and resin into my paintings. Collage with ephemera and newsprint began to find their way into my work.   Some of my paintings began to have stories that went with them, tumbling out of me onto my paper while I painted or created.


I visited museum after museum and exposed myself to as much art as I could: reading, trying, evolving.  I immersed myself in our local Art Association in Lafayette, Louisiana (LAA), becoming Vice-President, President and Coordinator for the Lafayette Public Library in the hopes of keeping new and interesting art from many different artists in front of the public; specifically children.  Helping other artists to realize their dream of creating art and recognition for their work, while exposing the young leaders of tomorrow to art that makes them comfortable to create in their own style was and continues to be a desire of my heart.


After a few years of exhibitions: group, solo, and juried;  I began to teach several workshops in varying mediums and was a featured artist in the Open Studio Tours of Acadiana in Louisiana, during this time: creating live art on local news two years in a row.






My first online class debuted: Paintings, Poetry, and Prose on my website: kayrichoux.com.


I assisted local artist, Dusty Reed, (muralist) and (photographer), Kerry Griechen in the completion and installation a one of a kind historical mural, at the Lafayette Art Association’s Annual Fundraiser, over which our Lieutenant Governor presided.



How it all started and then stopped...


I began drawing with pastel and charcoal and carving wood and soap as a child.  My parents started art lessons for me in first grade, at the local YMCA where I took drawing and pastel classes weekly for years.  My dad’s favorite pastime was to carve soap, as he was from the Texas Hill Country and as he would say, “there wasn’t a whole lot to do”.  He passed that love of creating on to me apparently, as I found myself wandering the hotel property of the Sheraton Town House, in Lafayette, Louisiana (where I grew up until I was twelve years old), scavenging the carpenter’s shop for scraps of wood, hammers, and screwdrivers to carve “paintings”. I won my earliest art competition in second grade for my version of Thanksgiving Dinner and went on to take visual art as an elective in high school.  I didn’t really begin to paint until college, at USL.  My husband and I met there as Art and Architecture majors, but both of us went on to pursue other majors and careers- he as an attorney and me as a nurse.  Real world financial stability versus desired profession became a reality for me. I was convinced that art as a profession was not something to pursue... that I could never make any money this way and that one concern that made me stuff away my dreams of becoming an artist, very deep down inside of myself, as I began to fear what the future would hold.  Yet, I thought about creating and being an artist everyday.


In 2001, I began to paint in watercolor, teaching myself from books and taking a workshop with artist Mary Jane Cox.  I almost quit nursing then, but, with the demands of a young family, I soon put my hopes and dreams of becoming an artist on the shelf again.  So, when nursing was put on hold in 2015 and I was forced to sit at home and not work, the paintings began to pour out of me.  I began to travel more and more to my Florida home visiting the studios of local artists and experimenting in every art medium.  I was finally feeling free to create without restriction.





My paintings have been featured in several exhibits throughout Louisiana and Florida.  I have been featured in 008 Magazine, the Destin Log and the Walton Sun and my paintings hang in homes throughout the United States.



I am a board member, past President and past Vice-President of the Lafayette Art Association in Lafayette, Louisiana; a member of L’Acadian Art Guild in New Iberia, Louisiana, and a member of the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County in Florida. I am also one of the Artists of30a.




You may contact me directly for purchases or commissions at artist@kayrichoux.com.

Studios in Lafayette, La. & Santa Rosa Beach, Fl, USA

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