Each piece usually begins with a sketch.


For my piece called “PEACE” I was looking a old photos of myself with my horses at the farm when I was a young girl.  And I came up with some thoughts I had while I was reflecting on stories my dad used to tell me about the history of our farm and the battles that used to be fought on it and in the surrounding areas of Sunset, Louisiana; Opelousas, Louisiana; and Washington, Louisiana.


You may want to look through old photos and pick a reference photo or two, or several, for yourself to refer to for this project.  You will need other supplies for this project as well... see supply list.  We will be glazing your painting to give your piece an aged look.


I also suggest that you think about writing a poem or story for your piece.  Reflect on a few memories from a certain time in your life that holds importance for you. Think about songs from that time period; those are great references.   You may want to think about applying a meaningful quote or composing a quote or saying that fits your painting and what you are trying to convey.  Or you may just want to write down a memory like I did and collage it onto your piece or onto the back of your canvas.  Be creative.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.  Sometimes I collage a card with special keepsakes or a favorite quote onto the back of my encaustic pieces, which you will see in the other piece we are going to complete.


Now onto collaging the ephemera and newsprint onto the canvas...


The full course for this artwork contains 4 "art in action" videos that average about 10 minutes each. There are additional images, text instructions of the process and a list of recommended art supplies. Access this course and one other as a part of the "Paintings, Poetry and Prose" series. Sign up with the link below to gain access. The course is only $45 one time.


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